My Desert Island Books

As I am a major nerd, sometimes I consider what books I would read if I could only read a certain number for the rest of my life, like if I was stranded on a desert island or some equally unlikely situation.  I sit on my bed facing my bookshelves and try to pick only […]

Summer Reading List!

I love making goals, and get especially excited about them during season changes or other big life events.  So with the commencement of my High School career last Friday, my 19th birthday tomorrow, and summer vacation starting, you’d better believe that I’ve been making some serious goal lists as of late.  One of these (of […]

The Fault in Our Stars

  I’ve been highly recommending this book to everyone recently, but I don’t know what to say when they ask me what it’s about.  “Life”, I sometimes answer.  They look at me blankly, hoping for something a little less all-encompassing.  “Okay…Cancer.” I’ve sort of been having a mental love affair with this book all week.  […]