Once Upon a Prince


Well I think we all know why I picked this up.  The cover is just so pretty!  I couldn’t help it,  I can’t resist books with pretty gowns on them.  Unfortunately, this has led to some bad book decisions, where the book turn out to have shoddy writing riddled with errors, or is much less classy than the cover suggests it should be.  (Seriously, I don’t care if you’re going to try to write a trashy book, but don’t try to trick the lovers of classy and beautiful things into reading it)  Anyways, fortunately for me, this book was neither shoddily written nor lacking in class.  This is the kind of book that you pause before reading, just to feel the thrill of anticipation you get going into a weekend, or at the top of a roller coaster, or at the beginning of a good book.  It’s nice to read something lighthearted and fun that isn’t dirty, and I think summer is the perfect time for fluffy chick lit like this.

Everything in Susanna Truitt’s life is going according to plan.  She has a job she’s pretty happy with at a local landscape architecture company, and is engaged to a great man who’s serving in the marines.  So what that they’ve been dating for twelve years, and he’s never proposed, or that she’d originally wanted to design grand and famous gardens before her long-time fiance talked her back down to reality?  She’s comfortable in the life she’s living, and she doesn’t need any of the happily-ever-nonsense the stories are always talking about.  So when her fiance takes her on a romantic beach walk only to tell her that he can’t marry her, her world is turned on it’s head.  It’s just her luck that while she’s driving away from the scene, struggling to wrap her mind around around what just happened and pick up the shattered pieces of her well planned out future, her car breaks down.  She tries to shoo off a helpful stranger who sees her on the side of the road, and in spite of her protestations, insists on coming to her aid.  The man who, unbeknownst to her is actually Prince Nathaniel of Brighton, finds Susanna’s easy going manner and strength refreshing, and the two strike up a friendship.  Although Nate finds himself wishing that they could be more than friends, he knows that as the Crown Prince of Brighton he cannot marry a foreigner, even if she could let go of her plans and go off with a complete stranger.

I enjoyed this book.  I felt that there was chemistry between the two main characters and I liked how they helped each other through their problems and supported each other.  I would have liked to get a little more character development from the story, as opposed to plot development, but overall I did like the story, and found it fairly immersive and cute.  It may just be the beach read some of you are looking for!

** I was provided a free reviewers copy of this book from Booksneeze.  I was not paid to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Prince

  1. Oooh you tricked me at the beginning, I thought you were going to tell me it was a bad book. haha I think I’ll read it. and I think I’ll sign up for booksneeze!! It looks soo cool! 🙂 Great review I always love your word choices such as shoddy and immersive! ❤

  2. Ohh what a beautiful front cover! Like you, I’m a sucker for pretty dresses and gowns. I also can’t resist a good bit of cheesy chick lit every now and again, so this book sounds right up my street in terms of guilty pleasures!

  3. Great review! I have read many differing reviews and never seem to make up my mind if I should read it or not, so I have been putting it off. … I should probably read it soon so I can have my own opinion of it ;P

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