Summer Reading List!


I love making goals, and get especially excited about them during season changes or other big life events.  So with the commencement of my High School career last Friday, my 19th birthday tomorrow, and summer vacation starting, you’d better believe that I’ve been making some serious goal lists as of late.  One of these (of course) is a summer reading list.  I’m undertaking some of these books because I want to enrich my mind, some of them because I’ve heard they’re good, and one because I’ve heard it’s bad and I want to laugh at it (The Selection).  So without further ado:

1) The Woman in White– I’ve read 400 of the 600 pages since I determined to read it last week, so if I don’t finish this by the end of the summer (or the end of this weekend) somebody come slap me.

2) Anna Karenina– Okay, so this is a really dorky reason, but I’ll tell you anyway.  I’m reading this over the summer specifically because in the 10th Series of Unfortunate Events book Klaus recalls reading it one summer with his mother.  “Every summer, the Baudelaires’ mother would read a very long book, joking that lifting a large novel was the only exercise she liked to get during the hot months.  During the time Violet was thinking of,  Mrs. Baudelaire chose Anna Karenina for her summer reading…” (The Slippery Slope page 145).  Yes I get my book suggestions from other books.  Don’t judge me.

3) Crossed– I’m not actually sure why I’m reading this.  The first book made me mad, so I don’t see how reading another book in the series will contribute to my overall happiness.

4) Paper Towns– Because it’s John Green of course!

5) Middlemarch– Mainly because it’s a classic, and I’m influenced by what society thinks is good.

6) Legend– I heard this was really good.

7) Prodigy– Sequel to Legend.

8) Twelfth Night– My knowledge of Shakespeare is shockingly limited, and a friend read and loved this book.  Also, I heard She’s the Man was based on this play, and Channing Tatem and classic literature seem like a wonderful combo to me.

9) North and South– I loved Wives and Daughters, which is by the same author.

10) The Selection– Yeah I just want to laugh at it and see what all the hype is about.  Also the cover is really pretty.

12) Bleak House– Not really sure why this is on the list either.  It seems rather bleak.

13) The Last Cavalier– It’s by the guy who wrote the Count of Monte Cristo!

13) Kisses from Katie– My friend gave it to me as a goodbye present, and as we all know, books are just about the best thing to win me over with.  If a burglar walked into my house and handed me a John Green book I hadn’t yet read I’m not sure I wouldn’t just let him go about his business stealing our stuff as I read on the couch.

So you can expect reviews on at least a few of these books, although I’m not sure I’ll get through all of them (especially the classics).  Any suggestions on what I should read first, or on other books that I need to add to the list?  Have a great week, and happy (unofficial) summer!


11 thoughts on “Summer Reading List!

  1. Oh! How I do enjoy other peoples reading lists. I can relate to the excitement. I graduated from my undergrad two years ago, and it was only until about a year ago that I could start reading again. I just moved to a new city, so I am celebrating with reading. I had to leave most of my books behind in storage (I find it painful to give my private collection away) so I got a library card and I am drunk with literary power.

    If it makes you feel less insecure, I was introduced to William Blake from the Batman cartoon in the 90s. I wrote a post about it somewhere on my blog if you are interested in that story. I get a lot of my reading inspirations from television. I just took ‘Call of the Wild’ out from my local library after rewatching the Buffy episode where Angel returns from Hell. I didn’t have a typical childhood so I missed out on reading such childhood classics.

    Please give a review of Woman in White. I read Moonstone in university and loved it. I have been meaning to read Woman in White for sometime now.

    I would recommend reading anything by Maya Angelou. I just finished her new book ‘Mom & Me & Mom’, it made me cry. I am finally getting around to ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’. I also really enjoyed ‘Gather Together In My Name’, I read it one afternoon at my old cottage when I was 18. It changed me.

    Currently me reading list for the summer is:

    – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (almost complete)

    – The Call of The Wild

    – Selected Letters of John Keats (This is a re read for me. I am a writer who is largely influence by Keats letters and poetical theories. If you haven’t read his letters I urge you to do so.)

    -House of Leaves (This is a scary book to read, but if you love being scared then read it. I have never been able to finish it. I get half way and I just have to take a break. This time I am starting where I left off, since I always seem to leave off at the same part. Wish me luck.)

    -Jane Erye (I am ashamed I have not read this one yet at the ripe age of 31)

    – A is for Alibi (I adore detective fiction)

    What type of literature are you interested in? I am sure I could come up with more recommendations. If you have any for me, please share!



    • House of Leaves freaked me out too! 🙂 I bought it at least 3 years ago and I left off about halfway through and I still haven’t finished it!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting! I strongly recommend Jane Eyre. I’ve read it three times now and it’s one of my favorites. I’ve been meaning to read some keats, and only didn’t pick up something by him when I was at barnes and noble the other day because i was trying to limit myself to three books, which was quite the challenge. And I should review The Woman in White! I’m really enjoying it so far, and I have The Moonstone waiting for me whenever i next can get around to it. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love Wilkie Collins! I think you’ll enjoy *The Woman in White*. For some reason I remember there being a lot of talk about the furniture…I haven’t read it in about 14 years, though. Also, Anna Karenina is one of my favorite Russian novels, I think you’ll enjoy it (and I love the reason you’re reading it!).

    Enjoy summer reading….

    On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 3:25 PM, Her Cup of Tea

  4. Anna Karenina is an excellent choice! I read it for my Russian Lit class last year and it is one of my favorites now. Tolstoy is great.

  5. Charlotte! I think the fact that you get your book recommendations from other books just speaks to your coolness, not your weirdness. I read Kisses from Katie and I LOVE THAT BOOK! such a good one!

  6. I’m loving your list of books, sounds like you have a lot to look forward to this summer! Matched made me mad too, I’ve borrowed the second book off a friend but like you…I’m not to sure why I’m bothering. 😛

  7. Anna Karenina is a long read, but worth it. I’ll just warn you that there are a few chapters devoted to farming. I haven’t read Twelfth Night, but I’ve seen a movie version and She’s The Man is so funny. Channing Tatum and the classics are a fantastic combination. I look forward to your reviews. Happy reading!

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