First off, I really need this shirt!  I saw The Great Gatsby this weekend, and I know this is a book blog (Charlotte, that’s a movie!) but I figured it’s relevant enough since A) it is indeed a book, and B) I’ve read it.  

What I thought of it:  I thought parts of it were really epic, but there were parts of it that I didn’t like.  I thought that although the acting was great, there were a couple of weird decisions that were made in terms of music and editing.  The music was too modern for my taste, because it pulled me out of the time period, and consequently, out of the story.  I’m pretty sure they mentioned President Kennedy in one of the songs.  This just seems badly researched to me.  In addition to this, there seemed to be a  reoccurring theme of  awkward layers and backgrounds that made parts of the movie seem like they were made by a high school freshman who was having fun with Photoshop.  Nick Carraway would be writing a letter and there would be words running across the screen and a nebula spinning in the background!  Seriously?!  A nebula?  Okay.

But I’m not trying to be negative.  I thought all the actors were chosen well, and the scenery and costumes were beautiful.  I guess some parts just weren’t how I’d pictured them.  But I would still go watch it and see for yourself.  Anyone else have any opinions on the movie?




11 thoughts on “Gatsby

  1. wow… thats the 2nd review I’ve read that said the music took them out of the time period… and I’ve never read the book nor saw the movie but I’m loving that shirt… makes me actually want to read the book… 😀

  2. Baz Luhrmann never creates a movie version of a book. He retells the story to a contemporary audience, adapting the story to current movie making techniques and musical tastes. The great think about his musical selections is how they evoke a previous period, without being from that period. What is jazz? It’s freedom, it’s excess, it’s flaunting the rules – not simply the lyrics that are used. Have you seen his Romeo+Juliet or Moulin Rouge!? I would like to know what you thought of those movies…

    • I saw his Romeo+Juliet but didn’t realize until now that he was who made this movie. It makes a lot more sense now! I like your point about the feeling of the music as opposed to the lyrics or even style as the focus. I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I watch it!

    • Um I would prefer that you buy it for me if that’s an option, because I like presents, but as I doubt that’s really under consideration I think maybe I should just buy it myself.

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