Why my edition of Pride and Prejudice is better than yours!


Okay, first of all, no one get offended.  I’m sure you all have lovely versions of P&P.  Just mine is better.  Which is good, because I love the book more than normal people.  You see, right now my life is stressful and/or busy (what with picking a college, being sad about leaving my family, doing heaps of school projects, senior prom, Canada last weekend.  yeah, probably should have told you about that.  I was in Canada.  I didn’t have wifi, which is why I didn’t do a blog post).  So when life gets hard, what do I do?  Why, read Pride and Prejudice of course!  Which brought me to contemplate how superior my edition is to all others I’ve seen.  First off, the cover is just beautiful.  Some of you may have seen it if you’ve typed Pride and Prejudice into a search engine (wait, normal people don’t do that in their free time? oh…) and wondered where such a beautiful edition could be had!  Yeah..probably nobody wondered that, but that doesn’t lessen my pride in my copy (pride? get it? because…never mind).  In addition to this, my copy is liberally sprinkled with helpful side notes, which means I can bore people even more with my thorough knowledge of Jane Austen and the regency period.  Well, sorry for the short and rather pointless blog post today; I haven’t had an overabundance of time as of late, so I haven’t been stumbling across heaps of good books.  Oh well, summer’s coming soon!  For now, I think I’ll just go watch Pride and Prejudice again 🙂

*much of this post was meant in jest–please don’t unfollow me


9 thoughts on “Why my edition of Pride and Prejudice is better than yours!

  1. Haha. Loved this! Also, I love all ruminations on the glories of P and P. A great way to continue the Pride and Prejudice 200 celebration. I will look for that edition. 😉

  2. I have this version and it’s wonderful! The notes on history and context in the sidebar were usually very interesting and helpful to overall understanding of the period. Still, I love my battered old copy from high school the best. 🙂

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