In which I am awarded things!

So several kind people awarded me the Liebster Award this week!  Thanks so much to Danielle ( and R.G. Dole ( for nominating me!!

The award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers to keep them motivated and give them a self esteem boost.  Also, Liebster is german for “beloved”, so that’s a lovely sentiment. 🙂  I’m supposed to answer their 11 questions, nominate 11 people, and then ask them 11 questions of my own.  So without futher ado…

Here are the questions Danielle asked me:

1) If you had to live anywhere in the world and never leave where would it be?

~ My first thought is “a bookstore!”.  But that would probably get tiresome, as I wouldn’t have a bed and would have to constantly hide from security gaurds at night.  So maybe England?  I don’t know, I’ve never been there.

2) Three things you can’t live without?

~Books, God, and my family (yes, I know this is cheesy)

3) Favourite Book Hero/Heroine?

~Isi from “The Goose Girl”, which is my favorite book or Elizabeth Bennet, who I also love dearly.

4) What did you want to be when you grew up at age five?

~A big sister.  I seemed to think this was a profession.  Too bad I’m the youngest 🙂

5) What music do you like?

~I actually listen to way more classical music than is normal for an 18 year old.  I really like Owl City, even though not many people know of any of his songs other than fireflies.  And I’ve decided that I never will qualify to be a hipster and allow myself to freely enjoy Taylor Swift without irony.

6) What would be written on your tombstone?

~”It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both” -E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web.  (made even more applicable by the fact that Charlotte is actually my name)

7) What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

~Wake up!  (yes indeed, I will be that person)

8) What’s your favourite part about blogging?

~ I never thought of myself as a writer, so this is good practice for me.  Also it’s really cool that I have followers (and follow people) all over the world.

9) Are you a PC or a Mac?

~I’m a human last time I checked, so this question is not applicable! (No, but really, I know nothing about computers/technology.  I really don’t know why they let me have a blog)

10) If your BFF was down in the dumps, what would you do to cheer him/her up?

~Give them chocolate (this message is appoved by Professor Lupin)

11) Do you believe we’re alone in the universe?

~Like aliens?  That would probably be better to ask someone who is good at science.  (*coughcoughnotme*)

And now fot the questions R.G. Dole gave me (yes, i know this will be an uncommonly long post):

1) What is your favorite kind of cookie?

~Chocolate chip

2) If you only had one day left to live, what would you do?

~I’m not a very exciting person so I would probably cry a lot and hug my family.

3) What is your goal, at this very moment?

~Finish this very lost post!

4)What would be your ideal pet (it can be mythical)?

~Well, as previously stated on my about page, I would love a cat named Fitzie.  But as for mythical pets, maybe somthing large with wings I could ride on.  But the upkeep of that seems pretty expensive.  And messy.  Maybe I would do better with a cat.

5) Pirate or Ninja?

~ Watching Pirate of the Carribean has instilled in me a respect for pirates (may I just say that i love the pirate comraderie when they aren’t shooting each other?).  But i would have to bathe more often than is conventional.

6)Answer the question you imagine being right here.

~What?  I’m not that creative.  I’m moving on.

7) If your life was a book, what would the title be?

~Probably the same as my tagline (Interesting note:  My original tagline was going to be: “If you read this blog, all of your wildest dreams will come true.”  But it didn’t fit)

8) Who is your favorite superhero?

~I don’t really know any.  Yeah, I’m pretty lame.

9) What would you wish to know more about?

~It would be nice to be good at math 🙂

10) Do you prefer books or movies?

~BOOKS ALL THE WAY!!  Sorry. that was just annoying.

11)What would you prefer, to be the smartest person on earth but with no sense of humor, or to find everything amusing but never know what’s going on?

~Ooo..tough question.. I think I would want to be the confused happy-go-lucky person, as it sounds like more fun and wouldn’t really be that different from my current state.


Now I nominate 11 people (no pressure if you don’t want to do this–just feel good about yourselves)












And…..11 questions the nominated people answer!

1) Who is your celbrity look alike?

2)What would your perfect meal be?

3)What is your favorite book?

4)What is your dream vacation?

5)How long would you survive in the Hunger Games?

6)What is your favorite movie?

7)What would your dream house be like?

8)If you could meet three people–living, dead, or fictional–who would they be?

9)If you could be transported to any time period, what would it be?

10)If you had to marry one person from a book or movie who would it be?

11)If you had to go through life with no sense of direction or no sense of time which would you choose?

Sorry this was so darn long!  If you’re even reading this far down you’re a wonderful person!


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