Don’t Judge Me Yet!


Okay, before you all start judging me, let’s get a few things straight:  I’m no Twi-Hard.I avoided this book for four or five years, but last week I decided it was unfair to insult this book as much as I do without ever having read it.

So a couple of days ago I borrowed a copy from my friend; most people have one hiding somewhere these days, the frenzy of the obsession having worn down to a vague embarrassment.  The one I borrowed had previously been stashed in a closet out of the light of day, lest everyone’s favorite vampire come into contact with sunlight and sparkle us to death.

All right, so you may need to take a seat for this one, because what I’m about to tell you could come as a surprise: I actually didn’t hate it.

Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t obsessed with it.  I promise you I won’t start wearing various Twilight shirts every day (Don’t be silly!  Everyone knows I only wear Pride and Prejudice shirts!),  or arguing about Team Jacob vs. Team Edward.  I won’t start wearing brooding expressions and sporting glitter in an effort to look more like Edward.

But I just didn’t see the cause for all the hate.  The book seemed pretty average to me.  Sure it wasn’t great literature, but what is these days?  I don’t think it was supposed to change the world, it’s just young adult fiction, easy entertainment.  And it was entertaining, although I don’t think I’ll read the other books, as I hear they get worse.

I think that we as humans just like to hate things.  When you’re out with friends, a favorite topic of conversation is hatred of anything we can think of: school, work, bad weather, exercise–anything works!  Then, when you’ve exhausted all relevent topics, someone can pull the Justin Beiber card.  And instantly the conversation is refreshed as everyone spends the next twenty minute discussing how cliche his songs are and how stupid he looks in that oversized baseball cap (I mean, come on, what were you seriously expecting–he’s like a boy band of one!).  Sorry.  Got off on a tangent there.

Anyways, I’m not saying that Twilight is good, just perhaps that it doesn’t really deserve the extreme emotions it somehow elicited.  I’m not going to give you a synopsis, or a recommendation to read it or stay away.  I think we all have heard enough about the book to be able to judge for ourselves whether this is worth our time.  But for now, may I suggest that we shift our hatred towards something more rational, like 50 Shades of Gray or Justin’s idiotic looking hat.


9 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me Yet!

  1. I loved to read the twilight books as they really are easy and entertaining. i disagree that the series gets worse, the films do but the books stay about the same i reckon 🙂
    i always got annoyed that so many people seemed to hate the book without ever reading it so im glad you tried it and found it average. i am also no huge fan or anything i just like to read an easy entertaining book occasionally.

  2. The Twilight books get a bad rep. I hate Robert Patterson as much as the next person, but I actually didn’t hate the books! What’s wrong with a little love, a little vampires? Let me tell you, I’ve seen worse plotlines. I seriously have. I recommend reading the other books, just for closure. Let me warn you though, New Moon was terribly boring and Eclipse didn’t have a good plotline. BUT but BUT, Breaking Dawn WAS worth the read. The ending only slightly dissapointed me, but it WAS a good book.

  3. I loved the books… i’m not obsessed with them… i did see the movies and didn’t like them because it was just bad acting… but people hate them because they got popular… if it had been an average book out there on the shelf then no one would have said anything about it… but because it go so huge and famous then it was something for people to bash… same with the 50 Shades of Grey… people bash these books but have never even read them… if you read them and don’t like them write a review… that’s what i do… but bashing them just because it’s the cool thing to do is just pure ignorance… I mean people want to talk about 50 Shades of Grey being horrible and filth… but I hear no one going on rants about The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty which deals with S&M… and that opened with the guy basically raping sleeping beauty on the first pages… but those books aren’t as popular… so no one cares…

  4. When Twilight first came out i liked the book – i didn’t love it but it was an ok book. I read the whole series and it did entertain me (although its true that as the story progressed the books would get slightly worse). What i hate about Twilight is not the books but the movies. I don’t like the actors AT ALL, i mean, it literally boggles my mind how some people can consider Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to be good actors. But even when the first movie came out i still though Twilight the book was ok. After the huge craze the first movie got and now the continuation and multiplication of it with the rest of the movies, i feel my frustration turn towards the books and their author. How could Stephenie Meyer let this happen? Of course this is how you distinguish between an author who writes because of their passion to write and create and an author who writes to sell.

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