Happy Birthday Dearest Loveliest Pride and Prejudice!!!

So as many of you know, today is Pride and Prejudice’s 200th birthday! (Whoo!) I’ll try not to be too annoying, but I may have to wear all of my P&P shirts this week to celebrate. Speaking of celebrating, I was horrified to learn this oh-so-special day had almost gone by unnoticed. So I herded up my family and made them play whist and drink tea with me. We lost. Badly. But anyways, if anyone wants to talk about Pride or Prejudice, needs P&P spin-off recomemdations, desires to engage in a which-movie-is-best debate (it’s A&E, by the way), or simply wants a kindred spirit (yes, I know–wrong book) I’ll be happy to oblige. “I will only add, God bless you
-Fitwilliam Darcy”( /Charlotte)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dearest Loveliest Pride and Prejudice!!!

  1. The Philadelphia Library has a lot of special events going on for the P&P anniversary, so it is getting some attention. I agree, though, this should be front page news! The 200th anniversary of P&P is a big deal. This is a literary holiday! Do you know if there will be any TV specials for the anniversary?

    What versions of P&P do you recommend?

    Also, what is whist?

    • Ha ha šŸ™‚ Whist is a card game that was played a few times in P&P. My brother says it is similar to hearts. I don’t know if there will be any tv specials; let me know if you hear of any! As for my recommended versions of P&P, do you mean spin off books or movies? Since it seems obvious to everone here that the A&E version is the best of the movies, I’ll give you my spin off recommendations. I’ve read about sixteen, and none of them are really of literary merit. That being said, there were some that were quite amusing to me, and sometimes that’s just okay. šŸ™‚ Here are my top five:
      1) Falling for Mr. Darcy
      2) Darcy’s voyage
      3)Only Mr. Darcy will do
      4) One thread pulled (although I’m actually not sure if this is avaiable in a print version– I got it on my kindle)
      5) His good opinion

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