Forty years ago the airship Hyperion vanished without a trace, along with the mysterious riches it was rumored to hold.  This treasure, which is said to be more than any man could use in a lifetime, is enough to tempt many airship captains to brave freezing altitudes in an attempt to board the ghost ship, which drifts around the worlds on air currents, piloted by it’s crew of dead bodies.  One airship happens to come across it by chance, but is forced to discontinue pursuing it as it’s crew starts to pass out from the altitude and it’s machinery stops functioning in the cold air.  Upon their return to the ground, they report the sighting, which spurs a race to see which airship will get to the legendary prize first.  However, they discover more than they bargained for in the barren wilds of air currents 20,000 feet above the earth; strange and possibly dangerous organisms that are able to survive in the high altitude, ruthless air pirates who will stop at nothing to see that they get the rumored gold, and a treasure that will surprise them all.  Kenneth Oppel weaves a realistic steampunk tale, circa an alternate early twentieth century.  This fast paced story effortlessly winds action, mystery, and romance into an old fashioned adventure yarn that’s sure to keep readers of all ages (and even boys!) on the edge of their seats.


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